February 13, 2018
Amazon Alexa in Everyday Devices
Amazon’s voice-control system is popping up on counters everywhere in America. You can get Alexa, your new Personal Assistant, in many shapes and forms, such as Echo and Echo Dot. These two devices can be set anywhere in your home and help you with everyday tasks.
But what about when you’re not at home? What if you need your beloved Personal Assistant while you’re out and on the go? Yup, Alexa has you covered. Alexa is also growing out of smart home devices and in to more and more parts of your life. From speakers, to wearables, navigations systems, and even smartphone devices.


Let me break it down for you – let’s say you are running a tad late to work and didn’t get a chance to hear your favorite local news station. While driving you can talk to Alexa through your Garmin Speak Plus! The Garmin Speak Plus is essentially Amazon Alexa in your car!  While using voice control, you can access music, give you turn by turn directions and more. If you forgot to turn off a light at home, you can ask Alexa to do so through Garmin as well as create to-do lists.  Check your calendar, or play interactive games with your kids before dropping them off to school.

And it gets better! Alexa is also integrated in various wearables, such as the Guess Connect smartwatch. With Alexa wrapped around your wrist, you can ask her for assistance while you are on the go. If you want to place a Domino’s Easy Order before you get home or ordering an Uber to pick you up, just ask Alexa.

You can also be the life of the party with the Ultimate Ears BOOM! If you’re hosting a pool party for your kid’s birthday, ask Alexa to play your favorite playlist. Don’t worry about those cannon balls, belly flops, and forward flips, these cool speakers are waterproof.

And before I head out, you can also find Amazon Alexa in smartphone devices, like the Coolpad Splatter, available on Amazon! Alexa will be there with for you to ask for your flash briefing and guide you to the closest coffee shop.

Alexa is taking over and these are just a few of the awesome products that incorporate the technology! Where else could you benefit from having Alexa?

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