March 14, 2018
Travel Apps You Need This Spring Break

By: Maria Ruiz and Ashley Thielen


Spring Break is coming our way and if you still don’t have any plans, here are some great travel apps that can get you on your feet and off to new adventures! These are a few of our favorite apps that you can get from the Play Store.


  1. Last Minute Flights

This app is made for those last-minute trips to anywhere of your choosing. You can enter our desired location and it will show you the next upcoming flights at your local airport for a fair price – start booking kids.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is revolutionizing the way we travel and where we lay our head. Everyone is ditching the hotels and saying hello to staying in the city like a local. You have many options to choose from depending on what you are looking for. You can pick a hip apartment right in the heart of the city or a nice quite suburb house in the outskirts. As a spring breaker it’s always fun to travel with friends and it has never been so easy, you can now book a crib with friends and split it evenly through the app. Talk about taking a break.

  1. Turo

Now that we are living like a local in our cool new Airbnb flat, it’s time to move around like a local. This cool new app is making car rentals look old fashion. Turo is an app that operates a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. It allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles for people looking for a quick ride around the city.

  1. Trip by Skyscanner

Now that you arrived in the city, have a place to stay, and a car to ride, now what? Trip is a new online travel agency. It’s best for in-the-moment planning. This app takes your interests, location, and weather into account to suggest restaurants, activities, events and more. Give back and share your experiences by creating postcards & reviews of your adventures with fun custom photo filters

  1. Volo

Your very own travel journal right on your phone. Keep your experiences and moments alive with words and photos, mark destinations that you want to remember. You can also co-write a story with whoever you’re traveling with to create a truly unique story. You can keep your stories private or share your stories right in the app to inspire others and connect your love for travel.


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