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Keep your employees safe and ensure CDC social distancing and contact tracing guidelines are incorporated
into your standard operating procedures with the Coolpad Bubble end-to-end solution.

With patent pending technology, the Bubble contact tracing device detects and alerts the proximity of others within a 6-foot diameter.

The secure web-based dashboard displays recorded data and allows stakeholders to monitor, analyze, and trace
close contact interactions.

Specially designed for workers in labor-Intensive industrial environments.

The world’s most accurate stand-alone proximity tracking and contact tracing device. Superior to Bluetooth, UWB, and Wi-Fi based positioning technologies.

Simple To Use  |  Fast Deployment | Robust Design |  Secure End-to-End Solution

Accurate Proximity Tracking

Proprietary utilization of Ultrasound and Bluetooth technologies to calculate precise distance between devices within 3 cm of accuracy. Visual, audio and vibration notifications for intrusion alerts starting at 6 feet with ability to enable and disable alerts in suitable situations.

Robust Design

Small and durable IP54-rated wearable device that is securely positioned on user to provide maximum coverage and withstand tough work environments. Large capacity memory maintains days’ worth of data, while a long-lasting battery allows for more than a full working shift of continuous proximity detection.

Simple and Secure
End-to-End Solution

Data encrypted and securely transmitted to back-end system protecting users’ privacy. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever collected on the device.
No additional infrastructure is required allowing for a fast end easy deployment.

Smart Dashboard &
Contact Tracing

Monitor and analyze historical collection of intrusion alert data including Device ID, neighboring Device ID, timestamp, event duration, and distance. Assess effectiveness of social distancing measures and quickly identify at-risk employees with actionable data and contact tracing network models.

Coolpad Bubble Dashboard

A smart and effective way of managing social distancing adherence and identification of at-risk employees with comprehensive and actionable data views.

Product photo of the Coolpad Bubble Contact Tracing Device - Front View

Customizable Alert Notifications Starting at 6 Feet

Product photo of the Coolpad Bubble Contact Tracing Device - Front View

Customizable Alert Notifications Starting at 6 Feet

Product photo of the Coolpad Bubble Contact Tracing Device - Front View

Key Features

A construction worker in white safety hat and yellow safety vase wearing coolpad's contact tracing device on his shoulder.

Fast and Economical Deployment

Simple, Stand-Alone
Contact Tracing Device for Fast

No additional infrastructure required for device proximity detection and contact tracing, making this a low-cost and easy to deploy social distancing solution. Ready to use right out of the box.

Real-time Detection Alerts

Instant, Visual, Audio and Vibration Alerts

Customizable alert notifications starting at 6 feet, that escalate after 30 seconds of continuous intrusion. Alerting can be disabled by the press of a button, while still recording proximity intrusions for record keeping and dashboard analysis.


Designed with Durability and Versatility in Mind

The small wearable form factor is designed to withstand tough working conditions in labor-intensive industrial environments. Can be used indoor or outdoor where social distancing is required.

Data Capture  and Contact Tracing Reports

A Practical Solution for Detecting, Monitoring, and Contact Tracing

Complete end-to-end that helps enforce recommended social distancing guidelines while capturing critical contact tracing data. Critical protection for employees in combatting the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses by providing a safe working environment. Reduce risk of disruption in operations and facility shutdowns.

Post-Covid Workforce Management & Optimization Features

Enhanced workforce analysis and management tools will be deployed in the future using FOTA software upgrade. Features will utilize wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi RTT, Bluetooth, GPS, and LTE; hardware already on the device from initial purchase. Excellent for time clock feature, cluster mapping, workflow analysis and many more operational functions.

Proximity Detection Technology – How Does It Work?

Proprietary utilization of Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) and Bluetooth technologies to calculate precise distance between devices.

Contact Tracing Solution Made Simple

Here’s How it Works

Transmitting Device

Each device autonomously transmits its unique identifier periodically using both a Bluetooth Low Energy packet and an ultrasonic audio packet. Our solution uses an FSK coded ultrasonic signal that contains the device unique identifier.

Receiving Device

Each receiving device monitors for Bluetooth identifiers and the associated ultrasonic audio identifiers. Measuring the time difference of arrival between the Bluetooth packet and audio packet, it is possible to calculate the distance to an accuracy of 3 cm or better.

Coolpad Bubble™ Faqs

Find out more about the Coolpad Bubble™ uses and capabilities.

Comparison of Current Proximity Detection Technologies

Coolpad Bubble is the most accurate contact tracing solution in the market allowing for increased protection and less false reporting.

*UWB and Bluetooth can pass through wall/plastic, leading to false detections

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