The Dyno Smartwatch is playful for kids and provides safety and peace of mind for parents.

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About Dyno Smartwatch

Let’s have some fun! My child’s first name is

There are so many things your child will enjoy about the Dyno Smartwatch. Here are some of the cool features:

Durable and ready for the playground, with IP65 splash and dust resistance.

Provides peace of mind for parents with 4G LTE connectivity, customizable geographic “safety zones” complete with location notifications, and an SOS button for instant parent-child communication.

COPPA compliant and secured by FiLIP, and security tested through a partnership with IOActive.

Dyno Companion app ensures only approved contacts can communicate with your child and allows parents to manage multiple Dyno Smartwatches. Families can easily send text message or make calls using the app.

Here are the Dyno Smartwatch features designed with your child in mind

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear
Dust & Splash Resistant
Includes 2 Bands
Royal Blue & Baby Pink
Up to 2.5 Days
Battery Life
Durable Display
Toughened with Dragontrail glass
Convenient Charging
microUSB Charging
4G LTE Connectivity
Includes pre-installed SIM
Android & iOS
Compatible Dyno App

Designed with Safety as a Priority for your child

Dyno is Security Tested

We’ve partnered with several security organizations including IOActive, with deep capabilities and proven expertise in product security testing, to test our products for weaknesses that could impact our customers.

Dyno is COPPA Compliant

Dyno Smartwatch is Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliant and is secured by FiLIP, offering best-in-class platform, app and security.

Easy Communication and Location Updates

The Dyno companion app enables parents to effortlessly manage one or more smartwatches from a single dashboard.

Easy Communication and Location Updates

Dyno’s companion application enables parents to effortlessly manage one or more smartwatches from a single dashboard.

This includes:

Voice and text message communication

Setting and tracking safety zones

Choosing the contacts that can connect with their children

The Dyno App will be available at launch.

iOS Android

Nationwide LTE Connectivity in the US & Canada

Dyno Smartwatch comes preloaded with a SIM card supporting nationwide LTE connectivity*. Getting setup with service is simple and can be deactivated and re-activated at any time.

*Service dependent on network coverage. We make no representations or warranties about the availability or accuracy of the GPS.

“Children’s safety is a central concern for parents today, and smart, safe wearable technology has the potential to provide the ultimate peace of mind by connecting parents and kids together.”

Casey Ryan,
CEO, Coolpad Americas

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