November 6, 2016
Chinese Smartphone Maker Coolpad Announced the New Logo and Explained its New Strategy at 2016 CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Chinese mobile phone maker Coolpad has scheduled a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7th, 2016, during which the firm planned to launch the new branding, present the new logo and explain the meaning behind the logo, a reflection of a new strategy that can be summed up as the 4Cs: Catalyst, Creative, Confident and Caring.

“CES was initially launched in 1967, and is now in its 47th year. The annual event has become the venue where leading electronic products companies all over the world announce new products, showcase their hi-tech prowess and advocate the lifestyle of the future,” Guo Deying, chairman of Coolpad Group Limited, explained. “For many years, Coolpad has been dedicated to innovation and change. The new logo that we plan to roll out at CES is not only the innovation of a brand, but represents a sea change for our company. Coolpad will soon become synonymous with security, technology and fashion.”

Mr. Guo added that Coolpad’s new logo stands for the 4Cs: Catalyst, Creative, Confident and Caring.

  • Catalyst represents the company’s efforts in accelerating the transformation of the life of each and every consumer.
  • Creative stands for the company’s capabilities which also its advantages and its core competitiveness.
  • Confident reflects the company’s commitment to increasing the confidence of its users, partners and employees.
  • Caring represents Coolpad’s long-term user-oriented strategy.

At the press conference, Coolpad also showcased the Coolpad Max, the 2016 flagship smartphone destined for global markets as part of its efforts to expand beyond its home market.

The Coolpad Max comes equipped with a dual system: an external open system that has all the features normally expected in a cellphone plus an internal security system which allows for encryption of the user’s phone calls and texts based on the application of four security technologies: dual-system separation, sensitive text processing, data encryption and strict controls over software installation. The company plans to continue the development of dual-system smartphones as part of its 2016 strategy.

Coolpad, one of the earliest smartphone manufacturers and sellers in China, counts among the country’s four leading smartphone vendors, sharing the spotlight with household names Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo. The phone maker has established longstanding relationships with several internationally reputed mobile operators, including Vodafone, Orange and SFR. Coolpad started out as a mobile operator yet successfully made the transition to a consumer brand in 2015 and plans to continue implementing its global strategy in 2016, in a move to establish a strong footprint in the international market. With the world release of its new logo, Coolpad plans to commit itself to the new philosophy inherent in the 4Cs. Coolpad sees the philosophy as one that will help the company intelligently navigate through its next stage of growth.