Cool UI 8.0

Cool UI brings you the most customizable experience of any Android phone with features like: Multi-Finger Unlock, Call Recording, Multi-Screen Capture, Smart gestures, C Button Navigation, Screen Recording, and so much more. Cool UI is our most advanced in photography as well allowing you to: micro focus(up to 3in away), beauty filter, and even an age guesser. Now with even faster updates that are inspired by you!

Multi Finger Unlock

Unlock your coolpad conjr with up to 5 differnt fingerprints. Immediate recogniction allows you to quick open apps and unlock your phone. Protect your personal information, family photos, banking, social media and so much more with a signature that is unique to you.

Smart Gestures

Our new Smart Gestures allow you to launch apps from stand-by. Program C for phone dialpad, E for your webrowser, M for Music and so many more options.

Screen Recording

Cool UI 8.0 brings you the most seemless screen recording on the market. Now you can access from you control center and immediately with one button start screen recording. With the conjr you can screen record in High Definiton at 60fps.

C Button

With larger and larger phone screens we still have the need to try and control our phones with one hand. Our new C Button allows you to create a custom menu that appears on the click of a button. You can place C Button anywhere you want on your screen and it will fade away so it’s not in the way of your work.

Video App

Cool UI’s Video App features options like: Picture in a Picture so you can watch all your favorite movies while texting with your friends, Cast Screen, you can now broadcast what you are watching straight to your TV, along with Automatic Subtitles.

Scrolling Screen Shot

Expand upon the screen you are trying to capture. If you have ever tried to take a screen shot of something bigger than can fit on one page this is the feeature you have been looking for. With scrolling sreen shot mutli-page screenshots are now possible.