1st 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch

Feature Overview

Be Safe

Location tracking, geo-fence and SOS button. All contacts must be approved by the guardian

Stay Connected

Stay connected with voice calling, voice messaging, pre-scripted text messages and emojis. Restrict usage while at school and/or other activities.

Have Fun

Fitness tracking, tasks & rewards, calendar, alarm clock, and animated UI

Location Tracking

View your child’s real-time location

Set up to 3 geo-fenced areas

Receive notification when your child enters or leaves the pre-defined area

  • Location Tracking
  • GPS Tracking

Voice Call and Messaging

All contacts must be approved by the guardian

Two-way voice calling

Send and receive voice messages, emojis, and pre-set messages

Alarm reminder for activities

Step Tracking

View your child’s daily step count from the app and watch to promote a healthy lifestyle

Make Friends

Add friends who also have a Dyno watch through Bluetooth.
Call your friends.
Send and receive voice messages and emojis.
Friends are managed by the guardian.

Child Friendly Design

Dust Resistant
Splash Resistant

SOS Button

560 mAh battery

Comfortable and fashionable design

Takes Minutes to Set Up

Step 1

Insert SIM into Dyno Watch

Step 2

Download Dyno Watch Companion App

Step 3

Scan and bind your watch