Technology has always been at its best when it brings people together. We believe there’s an opportunity to help build better family-based technology that brings safer and smarter ways for families to connect and stay together.

About Us

Coolpad Americas is a top consumer electronics company that has built strategic partnerships with key wireless carriers and retailers. Operating in the U.S. market since 2012, Coolpad has embarked on a bold mission to become the number one provider of family technology. Coolpad delivers world-class consumer electronics that are inspired by innovation, purpose, and family.  
“With Dyno Smartwatch, Coolpad Surf mobile hotspot, Coolpad Snap, and Coolpad Legacy, we have created a family of products that address the connected needs that all families have.”

Proven Technology

Our parent company, Coolpad Group Limited, has over 13,000 patents and, 5 Research and Development Centers. With 40% of our staff being dedicated to R&D, Coolpad products are dedicated to continuous technology innovation with user-centric mentality. As the US distributor we strive to bring a smart mobile ecosystem backed by artificial intelligence with value-packed technology in new categories, including wearables, IoT, AI, and accessories.
Coolpad Enters US Market

Partnership with MetroPCS for the company's first 4G LTE device
Launched First Sprint Devices

Coolpad Quattro II & Arise distributed and sold in 25,000+ Kroger stores
Launched First T-Mobile Prepaid Device

Coolpad Rogue launched across national retailers including Walmart & Best Buy
Launched First T-Mobile Postpaid Device

Coolpad Catalyst is introduced to market and leads in category sales
Launched First Open Market & Cricket Wireless Devices

Coolpad Splatter launched with Amazon Alexa integration, Coolpad Conjr launched on Amazon & Newegg, and Coolpad Canvas launched at Cricket Wireless

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