Coolpad Announces Global Chief Intellectual Property Officer to Cement its Reputation as Innovation Powerhouse in 5G, AI and More

Coolpad Group (HKG: 2369) today announces the appointment of Nancy Zhang as its first Global Chief Intellectual Property Officer. Previously Minister of Intellectual Property of Coolpad Group, Zhang will take up a global role to support Coolpad’s drive to increase innovation in mobile technologies, and defend patents from infringements. Based in Coolpad’s global headquarters in Shenzhen, China, Zhang will also spend more time in Coolpad’s U.S. offices as Coolpad increases its investment in the U.S with new offices and R&D teams.

“Our early investment in IP has led us to own over 10,000 patents already. As we continue to invest in innovation, including setting up a dedicated R&D center for artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley, we’re going to continue to secure more patents for our groundbreaking technologies,” said Mr. Jiang Chao, CEO of Coolpad Group. “But, with innovation comes more opportunities for other companies to take advantage of our inventions for their own use. The appointment of Nancy Zhang as our first Global Chief Intellectual Property Officer indicates how seriously we take defending our innovations.”

“Coolpad has always heavily invested in new technologies, and I’m particularly excited about the developments that we have and will make in 5G and artificial intelligence,” said Zhang. “As we continue to invest in R&D and new innovation, my role will be to ensure that we not only secure the necessary recognition of our technologies but also vigorously defend any infringement to our patents not only in our domestic markets, but also in the U.S. and all other countries that we operate in.”

Coolpad has invested heavily in innovation and its own intellectual property. To date, Coolpad has been awarded over 10,000 patents in the mobile handset space. Zhang has been in charge of setting up Coolpad’s intellectual property team, which has doubled in size in the past few years including the hiring of team members outside of China to increase the number of patent applications and awards in the U.S. and other countries. Under Zhang’s direction, in 2015 Coolpad became the only enterprise in Shenzhen, China to be awarded a national intellectual property certification, The State Patent Award, which is the highest government Patent Award and the only government award recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”). Coolpad has actually received this Award seven times, with two focused on Coolpad’s work in 5G.

5G technologies has been a priority for innovation and Coolpad has more than 800 patents submitted, with more than 300 authorized, while the company has been heavily involved in setting 5G standards with other industry leaders. Zhang will continue to lead Coolpad’s 5G Standard Patent Portfolio and work with Coolpad partners like Qualcomm and Ericsson to manage licensing of their patents for Coolpad technologies. Coolpad is a leading member of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) setting up the 5G standard and has contributed over 800 patents around 5G technology to the 3GPP. Coolpad is also one of the 5G technology leaders working on China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s National Science and Technology Major project to boost the development of the 5G industry.

Zhang holds a Master of Engineering after graduating from South China University of Technology and maintains a patent attorney license. With ten years of corporate management experience in intellectual property management, Zhang is also Vice President of China Patent Protection Association, Vice President of Shenzhen Patent Association and Vice President of Shenzhen Copyright Association.

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