Coolpad puts on production of masks to help enterprises resume safety

2020-02-20 15:19  Yesky Tianji News

[ IT News Channel] On February 20, 2020, Coolpad Group announced that its production park introduced the mask production line for the first time, and trial production will be achieved by the end of this month. Coolpad will not only meet the epidemic prevention needs of the employees of the Group, but also provide timely supply of epidemic prevention materials in accordance with the needs of relevant government departments and the needs of corporate partners.

As a global professional smart device manufacturer and service provider, Coolpad Group with Shenzhen as its operation and R & D headquarters, has a research and development team of hundreds of people, has mature hardware and software development capabilities in the field of mobile communications, and targets medical prevention and control materials. In the case of urgent demand for equipment, equipment, etc., based on its own automated hardware conditions, quickly organize the company’s product, production, quality, standard and other supply chain-related departments to invest in raw material procurement and equipment production, quickly invest in mask scheduling and quickly increase the capacity of production and processing equipment.

According to Coolpad, leveraging its capabilities and advantages in supply chain management, market collaboration, and technology output, it has opened up the entire industrial chain of raw material procurement, equipment manufacturing, and product production, and has rebuilt and added civilian mask production lines to increase mask production from the source. supply.

The reporter was also informed that this is another anti-epidemic action of Coolpad after investing in the research and development of smart tracker during the high epidemic in early February. It is also another move of Coolpad to return to the country and shoulder corporate social responsibility.

At the time of the outbreak during the Spring Festival holiday, Coolpad has invested in the development of smart tracker products that can easily monitor and detect specific groups of people. It is specifically targeted at patients or high-risk groups who need to be isolated during the virus incubation period. It is implemented by a number of cutting-edge technologies such as real-time tracking and geofencing. Functions such as the location monitoring and temperature monitoring alarm of the monitored person effectively reduce the isolation cost of the government and medical institutions while ensuring the quality of life of the monitored person.

At the moment of the epidemic, a large number of high-tech companies, like Coolpad, adhere to corporate social responsibility and are committed to providing more help to the society, helping institutions and individuals to alleviate the pressure on epidemic prevention materials, to cope with the difficulties and overcome the epidemic.